The Storyteller

Hi friends! To most of you, I’m just Grace, to others I’m know as G-Crol, and there are a select few who like to call me by my world-famous hashtag, #NYCroley.


I am currently a Senior at The King’s College studying Media, Culture, and the Arts, a school and major which I had never planned on pursuing. As a deep-southerner with a love for my grandparent’s alma mater, small towns and the SEC, Auburn University was my goal in life throughout high school. After being accepted senior year, I had my mind set and was on the track to fulfilling my deepest desire to attend there. This self-pursing goal, however, became my deepest struggle. My downfall came when I neglected to put Christ in the picture. After struggling with removing my identity from college and placing it in Jesus Christ, I ended up at an academic gap year program in Georgia called Impact 360.

This 9-month leadership and worldview program through Chick-fil-A showed me how a community of vulnerability must be fostered, how to integrate my faith daily in every decision I make, and ultimately how to become a better leader through servanthood. Through Impact 360, I became reconnected with Kings, a school I had known about for years but never once considered and low and behold, here I am.

My goal with Humans of TKC is to share the stories, struggles, and successes of students at The King’s College. I want to motivate and encourage others to share their stories, because only by sharing, will a community of vulnerability become cultivated. So welcome to my blog, Humans of TKC! It’s like Humans of New York, but better.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope to hear yours soon.

L-O-L (Lots of love),