Reese Evans: From Weiner Dog Mascot to SBP

Reese Evans
(“like the candy”)

New Braunfels, Texas.
(“God’s country”)

House of Ronald Reagan.

Senior studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a minor in Business.


Little did I know when I first started talking to Reese, a twenty minute interview would end up lasting two and a half hours.  I was amazed at his passion for serving people and his lighthearted spirit towards life. After hearing some of Reese’s story, I was able to share some of mine and how the Lord has worked through ups and downs.

We started out our conversation talking about leadership (one of my favorite topics) and followership.  Reese said he is first and foremost a follower of Christ. “That’s the first following I’m called to. Following is serving those around me.” Leadership is very similar because it is also servanthood. “As a leader, I am to serve those who I am placed with.” I completely agree with him on this. Martin Luther King Jr. says, “Life’s most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” This is something we must constantly keep at the forefront of our minds. How to best serve those around us and pointing them to what is good.


Something Reese wants to be remembered by at Kings is being the House of QE1’s powderpuff coach. Now, being a member of the House of QE1… I couldn’t agree more. Our house is forever indebted to his love of football and dedication to sticking with us in the exciting and rough times. Though I was skeptical, he said he is finishing out his time at Kings as “full fledged dedication to QE1.” Us queens couldn’t be prouder.

Though he is very accomplished at being an excellent powderpuff coach, Reese said he would eventually love to master the Rubik’s Cube. He also mentioned a few minor things he would like to accomplish. “Getting A’s. I’d love to semi accomplish that. Raising my GPA… that would be nice. Graduating is a skill still waiting to happen… I’ll learn that soon.” It’s the small things in life.

Little known fact, Reese’s first job was the Weiner dog, Schatze of the Schlitterbahn waterpark when he was fourteen. “I had to run around in a costume all summer. The Texas heat was over 100 degrees and the fan in my costume didn’t work. I’d see everyone swimming. All these wet kids would come up and hug me and I would have to hug them back.” Definitely a summer helping shape strategic institutions if you ask me.


One of the biggest life changes Reese has gone through is moving to New York City. I’m sure a lot of King’s students can relate to this. Reese said, “That was my first time away from where I grew up. For me, 2,000 miles was a pretty big distance. Integrating in a new culture, and accepting and loving New York City… that was very difficult.” He told me about New York’s different atmosphere from back home in Texas. “It was the people and the culture. I had never experienced it before. The different mindsets, beliefs, everyone is in different parts of life.” Something I thought that was very insightful that Reese said is he has learned to accept New York as it is. “I’ve had to learn to love it for its diversity and realize that its not changing. That was my biggest life change.”

Coming to a city as big as New York is very difficult, especially for someone who might not be the most outgoing person on the block. Reese told me how one of his biggest struggles and insecurities is that he is actually a very shy person. “People think I’m very extraverted and outgoing. Especially since I was the President of Reagan and the Student Body. People have this perception of me. Its been hard to fill that role specifically as  Reagan’s president.” I was really intrigued hearing Reese’s honesty about filling these positions. “Being confident in who you are is so important and its been very hard to learn how to do that. Most people don’t see the part where I’m shy because I’m naturally strong-willed.” Through this challenge, it hasn’t been easy for Reese to fulfill these roles. He made it very clear though that even though these have been some of his greatest challenges, he has loved having these roles. “I gain so much energy from them. Its so strange, but I love them.”

Reese will be graduating (check that off his accomplishments) in two weeks with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Though he is not quite sure what is next in store, he remains confident that the Lord is faithful and will lead him where needs to go. If you see him in the hallway or on the 2/3 headed for the Upper West Side, ask him about his challenges in moving to the city, life as a Weiner Dog mascot, and even a thank you for serving our student body well the past few years. Don’t miss your last opportunity to chat with Reese before he heads out the door of The King’s College for the last time.

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