Rebekah Averett: Blackbelt Kicks Butt at Kings

Rebekah Averett.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Junior. PPE major. Theology minor.

House of Sojourner Truth.


Who was that girl who rocked Random Theme Debate at Interregnum last week? (If you have no affiliation with Kings, read about Interregnum here!) I asked Rebekah if she could be my featured person today because I literally had no clue who she was, but I knew she had to be awesome because lets be real, her wit and ability to take control of that stage amazed us all.


One of the first things I asked Rebekah was what she thought about unconditional love. “I see unconditional love as stripping yourself of your own interests, desires and needs to look to the needs of others. Despite where they are, or what your relationship may look like… you are there regardless. ” Rebekah told me about how much sacrifice is involved in unconditional love. She told me about how her grandmothers have always displayed unconditional love to her. “Despite where I am, they are both always there to listen. Not to judge me necessarily, but to give me criticism of my action. Their willingness for me to be open allows us to have that relationship.”

Through Christ’s unconditional love, Rebekah shared how she is able to be confident in her relationship with Him. “Despite seasons that I may enter in and out of potential doubt, I know my faith is true. I’m confident of it even when I have doubts of uncertainty.” Doubt is something that everyone struggles with. I was deeply encouraged by Bekah’s take on doubt and how she is able to remain confident when those thoughts arise. “My mind and my body know God to be true and living inside of me. Even when I feel very distant from Him, I know he’s there. I’m confident he hasn’t left me and never will.”

Being a student at Kings, it may not come as much of a surprise that Rebekah loves philosophy. “I’m very passionate about it. I love asking questions. I love talking to others who care about it.” She related it to every aspect of life. She told me how it effects the whole way we live. “It enables us to flourish as humans in a way that we should.” Her passion for philosophy is able to coincide with her passion for people. “It’s kind of two fold. Understanding the nature of things enables me to love others better.”


Bekah told me about how her identity was greatly shaped since third grade by Taekwondo. Little do many people know, but she’s actually a Second Degree Black Belt! (#SayWhat) “My parents put me in Taekwondo when I was in third grade. Discipline was a big reason. They thought it would be really good for my sister and I to do it together.” She shared with me how it was a character building opportunity. Even though she is in college now, her trainer Master Douglas is still a big part of her life. “Through the endurance of Taekwondo, it helped me become more focussed. Back then, and even now, I’ve been able to learn how to focus in on things that are important.”

Sidenote: Rebekah has also broken THIRTEEN bones because she loves taking risks. She doesn’t even include her fingers at this point.

Rebekah will be starting her final year at Kings in the fall. Even though I only sat down with her for a few minutes, I learned more about her than friends I spend time with constantly at school. She is kind. She is thoughtful. And I can tell she deeply cares for people. Don’t miss your chance to have a conversation with this Taekwondo master.

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