Josh Hinen: Kingsian Who Knows the Value of #Respect

Josh Hinen.

Tampa, Florida.
(moved nine times before the age of fourteen including Virginia, Oklahoma, Pakistan, Alabama, Washington, Missouri, and California).

Junior studying Media, Culture, & the Arts with a Philosophy minor.

House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Myers-Briggs: ESFJ.

From the moment Josh told me his Myers-Briggs, I knew I would relate to his thoughts on certain life areas since I have the same type… and I wasn’t wrong!

Something that makes Josh joyful and content is seeing his friends and the men of his house succeed. “When they accomplish something they have been working for, the encouragement I gain from seeing that is really life giving.” He also said that playing soccer and singing some Stevie Wonder or James Taylor in the shower always gets him a little bit higher on life.


One of the things Josh value most in life is respect. “My philosophy is to approach everybody equally with a certain level of respect. I don’t want to treat someone less than they actually are. I think it’s good to have that respect reciprocated as well. It’s hard for me to be around people who don’t respect me, themselves, or other people. It’s by far one of my core values. “

Josh and I had a really good conversation about focussing on where you are presently. He said, “In my time at Kings, I’ve learned to grow where you’re planted. Not always looking to the next thing, but trying to invest in the present and the relationships I have now.” We talked a little about the difference in doing versus being. Especially in New York, we are constantly on the go and forget to just sit and be still. “You can get swept up what you have to get done and the do this, do that. You so often forget why you’re doing it. Its not so much looking forward, but looking introspectively. Who am I doing all of this for? Am I doing it for me, for God, for others? It’s not as much about constantly looking forward, but focussing on working your best where you are currently. If you do well here, God will open doors down the road.”

Josh told me how sometimes he struggles with self-confidence. Our culture so often pushes us to have the best job, make the most money, and have that resume in tip top shape. Yes… these things are important. But there are other things that have so much more value.  I really like the way Josh put it. He said, “Ultimately they don’t define who we are in Christ’s eyes. I’ve learned to be confident in who I am as God’s child because in the end, Christ is all that remains.”


If there was anything Josh could learn, it would either be to learn a second language or to play drums. He plays guitar and bass, and informed me that he does indeed have rhythm… but you put him in front of a drum set and it just disappears. According to him, “drums are very therapeutic… and you get to bash things.” 😛

If you’re interested in Josh’s internet fame, check out the Buzzfeed article written about his video-bombing skills of Adrian Brody on the Today Show his senior year of high school. “I had never been on tv before and I was going to make the most of it. So, I video-bombed him and made a bunch of different faces behind him.” The article really brings out Josh’s personality in the pictures as you will be able to see. You can find the article here!

Josh is heading into his senior year at Kings as the President of the House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His love for people is clearly seen and his value for respect comes out in his everyday walk. If there’s any drum players out there, help a brother out and maybe give him a little bit of rhythm so he can achieve his drummer dream. Don’t miss out on getting to know this friendly face at The King’s College.

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  1. Yaaayyyy, God!!!

    I am so proud of you Josh!!!

    BTW, piano is a good instrument, too!!!

    Love and prayers,

    Mrs. Francee
    (your former piano teacher and your current prayer supporter) :)

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