Jessica Burchman: Business Strategist Frosts Mean Cupcake

Jessica Burchman

Junior studying Business.

Plymouth, Massachusetts.

House of Margaret Thatcher.

Myers-Briggs: ESTJ.

We all love puppies. If you want to meet a human who in some ways best represents a puppy… Jessica is your girl. When we sat down to talk, I asked Jess what animal best represents her personality. She told me how she has “spurts of energy and then she just crashes and naps forever.” One of Jessica’s core values is playfulness. “I’m not necessarily always running around, but doing things with friends and having fun. Puppies are all about that!” Currently her favorite type of dog would probably be a French Bulldog because she walks one named Gilbert here in the city! If you’re not from New York, yes… dog walking is indeed a job and I would venture to say one of the greatest. :)

Jess and I really related on movies influencing our lives. Not necessarily one particular movie, but the community aspect of watching a movie with your family. Both of us grew up with that as part of our lives. Though it may seem weird to some, it gave our family an outlet to talk about what had just happened in the movie and to find that common bond of us gathering together. Jessica told me that she actually hated going to movie theaters when she was younger. “You couldn’t talk, so it was a little bit harder to connect.”  Whereas in a home it was more relaxed.


Something Jessica has learned over her time in college is “home is wherever her people are in this season of life.” This semester, her home is definitely here in New York. Some of her closest friend’s are here and this is where she has been planted. She said during the summer, “once I’ve shifted back to high school friends or wherever I am… that becomes home.”

Back in Massachusetts, Jessica worked at a bakery for five years called Cupcake Charlies. She told me how they actually won “New England’s Best Cupcake” a few years ago and people still come into the shop because of that reason. Apparently Jess can frost a mean cupcake, and I’m hoping to have one soon!

Moving to New York City from Massachusetts is one of the greatest things that has shaped Jessica’s life. “College is something that has seemed to help my growth. Academics weren’t my strong suit in high school. I didn’t know how to write a paper. Even now, just sitting down and writing a paper in an hour… That would take me at least five hours in high school. Now, I can do it so easily.” It amazes me how much people grow in college. Jessica was telling me how she’s learned where her strengths are and what environment she thrives in and one’s she doesn’t. “I’m obsessed with business strategy right now. It’s so good. Decision analysis and computer modeling… I love that. Most of my business classes I enjoy learning about, whereas core is more challenging.” She told me how with business strategy, you’re running your own company and you’re in charge of making all the big decisions. “You see where all the other competitors are and you’re creating your own products. Its looking at all the different aspects of a business. I love to see how thats run.”


Jessica is headed into her senior year at Kings and will be graduating next May with a degree in Business. If you are looking for a cupcake frosting partner, want to chat about business strategy, or just want to sit down and watch a movie… Jessica is the person for you! Give her a hello next time you pass her in the hallway!

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  1. This woman held the rudder of the ship on CapSim and did a world-class job. Don’t let puppies fool you; this is one Iron Lady. And she really does have a great smile! We have to work on her bouffant.

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