Chelsea Owens: Ex GirlScout with a Love for America

Chelsea Owens

Houston, Texas

Junior studying Business

House of Susan B. Anthony

Myers-Briggs: INTJ

What is better than a baseball game on a Sunday afternoon? A Yankees baseball game on a Sunday afternoon. This past Sunday, I was at a game with some family and Chelsea just happened to be there with some TKC friends. I asked her if I could do a quick interview and thankfully she said yes!

We started off the talk on a little light-hearted note about what time period Chelsea would love to visit most. It wasn’t a surprise to hear she would choose the Colonial period around the time of George Washington. “I would just love to meet George. He loves America. I wish everyone had the passion for our country that he did.” I agree with Chelsea. To meet one of the people who helped get our country on its feet would be one of the greatest experiences one could have.


Chelsea told me about how she feels the most confident when she is in a room surrounded by her closest friends. She said, “I might not know anyone else there, but I feel the most confident with them.” I think a lot of us can relate to this. Our confidence is kind of a winding line depending on who we’re with. We have highs where we feel like we could conquer the world and we have lows of confidence where we feel as though our voice means nothing. I think there’s a adequate balance of both that needs to be found.

We talked about the low end as well of how she can hold herself back sometimes. “I am extremely critical of myself. This seems to limit me in certain things because I think I’m doing a terrible job, but other people would say that I’m not. Because I feel bad about the job that I’m doing or have done, it keeps me from pushing forward.” Thankfully, Chelsea’s love language is affirmation, so encouragement from friends can always help. It gives her motivation and pushes her through when she feels least confident.

If there was any movie Chelsea wishes she could live in, she said it would obviously be Twilight. “Twilight without a doubt. Hands down. I would love to be Bella. She’s not a vampire, but she gets to hang out with them. She’s still a human. I love it.” Though I’m not very familiar with the characters, I asked her which team she was out of the two men in the series. “I’m totally Team Jacob all the way. He’s just so manly.”


Though she does enjoy the vampires, she did inform me that she wasn’t too big a fan of hiking around when she was little. “I was kicked out of Girl Scouts when I was younger. I got into a little argument with my troop leader. She wanted to make me hike around outside and I was not feelin it. I also got bit by a snapping turtle that day. It was a rough… My troop leader just told me to suck it up.”

Since her big move from Texas to New York almost three years ago, Chelsea has had a first hand experience of the differences in the North versus the South. So… she started a blog! She told me, “It’s called Southerners of New York. I love hearing people’s stories of how they ended up in New York and how their lives have changed since.” You can check out her blog, Southerns of New York here!

Chelsea is headed into her senior year at Kings and will be graduating as a Business major next May. Go ask her about her Girl Scout experiences or her love of America and you’ll be sure to make a friend out of her!

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