Annalise Bourgeois: Why Every Inch Matters

Annalise Bourgeois

Woburn, Massachusetts

Senior majoring in Business

House of Susan B. Anthony


Annalise stands at a solid 4 feet 10 ½ inches, she has no middle name, and she once won a hip-hop competition by dancing to “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas. Her lack of a middle name has been justified by the fact that her first name was just “too long” to have a middle name go along with it, even though her sister Danielle has the same amount of letters in her name.

One of Annalise’s proudest achievements was when she was starting her career as a professional hip-hop dancer at age eleven. “My group danced to “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas and I was in the front center and happened to win the entire thing. My sister told me later my dad cried watching me dance. 1. My dad doesn’t cry. 2. He cried to the Black Eyed Peas.” Obviously a moving moment for Mr. Bourgeois…

I was curious as to how important the height of 4 feet 10 ½ inches was to Annalise, specifically, that ½ inch. When the doctors tell you that if you’re lucky, you’ll reach five feet… Every. Inch. Matters. Annalise informed me, “When you’re that low down in the totem pole, you count everything.”


As the youngest of five siblings (who are also quite short), Annalise was able to learn from their mistakes whether they were college major choices or life choices. This helped her as she moved through life to not make stupid or irresponsible decisions that might not have originally stuck out to her as bad ideas. The hardest part though was and still is the fact that sometimes it’s like having five older parents. She explained how though it is all because they love her, “it can be frustrating when I do something as simple as make a bad grade then receive four or five different phone calls or texts within the hour making sure I’m okay.” I have a feeling a bunch of youngest siblings relate…

I asked Annalise if she could only save five items from her house what would she save? I was a little surprised by her answer, but after hearing her explanation… It makes clear sense! “I would save my iPhone first of all, but mainly because I don’t want to pay for a new one.” #RELATABLE “and the other four things… well… 4 pairs of shoes. Being a short person, it is so difficult to find shoes that aren’t from the kids section. When you find those sandals that aren’t velcro, those are priceless.” Thankfully, she informed me that the Kids section has upped their game, so she doesn’t always look super ridiculous, even though she has worn velcro sandals into a bar before. Annalise knows these are the cards she was dealt and in her words on sometimes wearing ridiculous shoes she simply said, “Im proud.”


I finished off my chat with Annalise by her telling me about the time she jumped off a forty foot cliff. Apparently its illegal now or something, but her adventure for thrills will forever remain. She told me of her love for all things scary (except scary movies). Scary things like “rollercoasters, cliff jumping, and crazy rides.” Those are things that bring a lot of fun into her world.

Annalise is getting ready to graduate with her degree in Business in May. If you’re a short person, reach out to Annalise to bond over velcro sandals. If not, maybe she’ll dance to “Let’s Get It Started” with you. Whatever your height, you won’t regret meeting this cliff jumping beauty.

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Side plug: If you want to learn how to hug Annalise or any short person for that matter, check out her video tutorial here.

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