Taylor Haller: Building Community through Friends and Forgiveness

Taylor Haller

Chandler, Arizona

Freshman in the House of Queen Elizabeth 1


The question of my day has recently often become “Who am I going to talk to today to feature on the blog?” As I was traveling back from DC this weekend, I decided my roommate would be a very convenient, yet fantastic choice. It amazes me how I so often forget about building community with the people who are closest to me. I see this person every day, yet I forget to ask the questions that actually matter. As I was listening to Taylor (or TayBaeBae as I like to call her), I was reminded that every person has pieces of wisdom to share, we just forget to ask.


Taylor shared with me that she learned even though there’s people in her life that frustrate her, there’s room for grace for those people. “There’s a way to guide them to a better path to show them that they deserve better. You can send them in a better direction instead of a negative one. Just because they don’t focus on you doesn’t mean you can’t focus on them. There’s room to appreciate them and to show them how special they are, even if they don’t act like they are. There’s always room for grace.” Building community in Taylor’s mind is something we should all be trying to model after.

I’ve had much time to venture around New York with Taylor, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear that the sports atmosphere of the city is her favorite part. “There are countless opportunities to go see the games. I love going whether they’re the Islanders or the Nets for $10 a pop, or the Rangers or Knicks game for $80 a pop… Its what I really like to do. Its more of a social event back home, whereas here, its actually a sporting event to enjoy what the sport really is. I’m able to really appreciate the sport here and build a community with the sports fans I’m with.”


If you’re a fan of the the TV show Friends… you’ll most definitely understand this.  Taylor was telling me about Monica and how much she relates to her. “Her constant drive for having to win things is something I very much understand. Even though I know I’m not always right, and I know I can’t win everything, her obsessions are very similar to mine. I use some of the same phrases as she does, and I treat my sister kind of like she treats Ross. I just really relate to her wanting to be better than who she is. She knows she’s not the best at everything, but she keeps the mentality to still strive for the best. Even though she cares about building that community with her friends, she doesn’t let other people tell her what to do.”

Whether you’re sitting on the couch with your roommate watching Friends or just asking someone how their day is, you are being an investor in their lives. Take the time to see how their day is going and to hear their thoughts. Every person wants to be heard and by you investing in them, you are building community.

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