Matt Sifert – Lego Engineer Thrives at Kings

Matt Sifert.

Scottsdale, Arizona.

Senior studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

House of Ronald Reagan.


As I was talking with Matt today, he shared that he relishes on making food for others as a way to serve them. “The community aspect of food really brings others together and it allows me to use my gift as a cook to provide that place.” This reminded me how servanthood isn’t only cultivated through holding a door open for someone, but using your talents, gifts, and energy to serve those around you. Not only is this liberating and rewarding for those around you, but also for yourself. It’s a quality in life needed by everyone.

Matt shared how being the oldest sibling has shaped him. “Being the oldest of six (#catholic) has had a huge impact on the choices I’ve made, even being 2,700 miles from home. When I came to Kings, I still had to think about how I’m an example to them. Am I being responsible and growing into the person God wants me to be and the person my siblings should look to? Am I still proud of the man I’m becoming?”


Even though Alyosha was the youngest sibling, Matt said that he still seems himself as being most like this beloved character from The Brother’s Karamazov. “He’s very devout and loyal. He thinks about the big questions in life and sort of looks at his life as a narrative in a very meta way. I like to look at the generalities of life and not the super specific tangible events of day to day life.”

Something you might not know about Matt is that he used to love Legos (and I think he still does). “I used to be a huge introvert. I had very few friends. I was pretty nerdy… well, I guess I’m still pretty nerdy.” This might come as a shocker to us because of the friendly, and as he puts it,  “dashing handsome man he is today…”  (Sorry ladies, he’s taken.)

Matt is getting ready to graduate in May with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and he just applied for a job in D.C. today with the Charles Koch Institute! If you want him to whip up some Mexican food and discuss the great masterpiece known as The Lego Movie, he’s your guy.

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