Is Community Convenient?

Think of community like a marriage. You have to consider other people in the decisions you make while setting aside time and rearranging your schedule to comply with theirs. You aren’t only thinking about how a choice you make will affect you, but also how it will affect those you do life with.

If we truly want to strive for a community that is focused on others and not ourselves, it is by no means easy. To be a community that is others-centered requires members to die to themselves. This takes work… hard work. James Bryan Smith says “The good and beautiful community is not made of merely comfortable Christians but Christlike men and women growing in their life with God and each other.” When Christians are formed to this type of community, their lives begin to reshape and reform their actions and behaviors. Communities centered on Christ help lead others into godliness and wholeness.

Though this stretches us in ways we may not enjoy, it is ultimately good for us because it helps us grow as individuals and as image bearers in Christ. If actions are only built on personal gain, the community will not last.

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